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What is BeeMused?

BeeMused existed before it was formally named, as a philosophy about food that I was raised and led my life with. Since high school, I’ve participated in, volunteered for and designed food-centered initiatives across America and a multitude of demographics, including the homeless, immigrants, displaced children.

The common thread in all of these experiences has been the particular moment food is able to create. Among strangers or friends, a served plate innately creates a shared experience.

BeeMused is a food philosophy. That a plate of food is more than just that — it’s an instant ceremony. It’s a ritual for satiety, a moment for reflection, and an opportunity for expression and exploration.

Who is Chef Tina?

A singer, a cybersecurity professional, and an entrepreneur walk into a bar … but there’s only one person there.

All of these things considered, I am curious about and thrilled by the world around me. I paint in sound and eat in color.  Before the pandemic, I loved going to tastings, restaurants, farmers markets and gardens. I loved hosting themed dinners for my friends, and just experimenting with new ingredients in my kitchen. When the pandemic hit, I began to experiment even more with what was available to me, and attempted to recreate the restaurant experience for myself.

Mid-pandemic, I became inspired, and I began spending more and more time in my kitchen. I then decided to throw (COVID-safe)  tastings on my rooftop for friends and neighbors, excited to not only share my culinary discoveries with those close to me but also have a means of sharing space with them again.

So here I am, continuing my excitement with BeeMused. And here you are, along for the journey with me!


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